Get a Facebook page they said.

It’ll be great for marketing they said.


So you’ve jumped on the bandwagon and got yourself a Facebook page for your side hustle. You invited your friends, shared a few posts and got a few fans (if you can count your Mum, Dad and Uncle Frank). But after that…nothing. Yeah ok you get a couple of likes here and there but that’s about it. It’s taking up so much of your time, numbers aren’t growing, sales aren’t coming in and you’re starting to wish you hadn’t created it in the first place.


Don’t stress, that’s all about to change.


Doesn’t matter what social media network you want to dominate or what you’re trying to achieve, whether that’s more sales, more fans or more hits to your website. With awesome actionable insights straight to your inbox you’ll start seeing some pretty cool results right away.


We’ll cover everything from creating content your fans will love, like and share, to how to increase your followers, as well as using analytics to up your game. I’ll even share some of my favourite books and resources around social media, marketing and business too.


I’ve worked with big names like Apple, studied with Google and partnered with some pretty cool startups too. Most importantly though, I’m passionate about seeing you and your business grow and will do everything I can to help you get the results you want!


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